It’s Time, Isn’t It?

“A church is a witness sent by God.  If in the process of calling themselves a church, they begin to damage the cause that they vowed to represent—if in their evolution they begin to be a witness for the other side—then they are indeed a hostile witness.”

-I completely agree.

“I treat them as a hostile witness because this particular brand of compromise enforces a hideous lie. It is the lie that the Gospel is inherently unacceptable to the culture and therefore must be diluted, re-branded and packaged in a form that the world already likes. This lie has allowed us to win meaningless skirmishes while losing a generation.”

-I completely agree.

For hundreds of years, the simple (!) gospel message proved not only a powerful and effective means of delivering lost souls from death to life, it also provided a perfect depiction (in God’s own words!) of boundless love that, if duplicated by those willing to receive this transformation, could not only renew individuals, but would no doubt lead to a renewal of all of society.

Has God lost His edge, that He would require someone to replace His time-tested Word and the Great Commission with church-planting strategies and colorful gospel interpretations?

Now, more than ever since the very founding of His church, Our Lord needs His people to be His hands and feet in the world, lovingly and compassionately presenting the whole truth of sin, forgiveness, and redemption found only in the Person of Jesus Christ. What a disservice we do, if we only invite them in for a few creature comforts, some lively and exciting entertainment, and a soothing message about how much Jesus loves them, but leave out the matter of the true cost of making the wrong decision.

Our Lord knows what lost souls need to hear. Thank God that He has inspired those writers of scripture, as well as the ministers of His Word willing to lay aside their egos, and receive His continual guidance and direction to present every aspect of the Good News, including the reality of the evil of sin in a lost world that has been overcome by Jesus Christ, thereby offering each and every soul a way to be reunited with Him forever in Heaven. No human trickery should replace the inspired Word of God in presenting this most important of all messages to those who have previously been tricked by the world into believing its lie.

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