China’s Role in counterproliferation?

Well, I was certainly underwhelmed by President Obama’s “response” to the actions of North Korea against South Korea. Though, considering what he’s been doing to the economic and social status of the U.S. for the past two years, I suppose it’s right in line with his overall policies. With reports of between 1000 and 2000 centrifuges recently discovered near the Yongbyon nuclear facility (How did North Korea come by such sophisticated technology on this scale?) the question might be: Who has decided to escalate tensions in the region to a point where armed conflict could be looming? As I listened to reports of China and Russia moving away from the Dollar as their exchange currency, and thought about the position of China as not only a regional, but now a world superpower, as their naval and air forces continue to develop rapidly, it occured to me that an out-of-control North Korea would give China a perfect opportunity to give the world a solution to the problem by offering to absorb North Korea, incorrigible in its current state, and making its 24 million inhabitants and 10 provinces a strategic chess piece in their move toward…

China seems to be the only country truly in a position to take any meaningful action, given her rising world economic and political status, and notwithstanding reports that over sixty percent of her current population live below the poverty line. Still, absorbing North Korea would only add perhaps a couple of percentage points to that number, while giving China a border adjacent to one of our few true allies in the region, and a huge strategic advantage in all future negotiations with the U.S. Not that they currently need another.

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