Offering my Help to Those in a State of Confusion

“I’m certainly not the one to do research into whether or not someone in the world at that time [late ’50’s-early 60’s] may have considered the possibility that there might be more than two genders of human beings (outside of the knowledge, of course, that hermaphrodites and others who have more than the standard two sex chromosomes in their DNA do exist). It’s not just that the Bible clearly states, “He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created” (Genesis 5:2, NKJV) or the fact that scientifically, all other DNA formations outside a standard norm are considered at the least “irregular” “mutations” (this, obviously, according to physiological science, as opposed to pop psych “science”). Have we now gotten away from believing it’s in a person’s best interest, psychologically, to struggle through the tough work of understanding where they fit into the real world, instead making up a new fictional existence for them to construct to their liking, and then violently defend with the help of social justice warriors everywhere? But I digress. Who am I, anyway, though I may understand a different reality, to judge according to my small and limited view of the world? Have I not seen the amazing progress in CGI and AI? We’re already being asked to accept alternative realities. Soon, we will no longer be “asked”.”

That’s a quote from me (I’m trying to write something; it’s not done yet.) Apparently, we are now going in the opposite direction from common sense, believing that all our pseudo-sciences override reality.

Here’s how to determine your gender:

  • Look down the front of your torso, to your groin (the area between your hips)
  • Determine if you have an appendage protruding an inch or two, with a small hanging sac below it
  • If there is no appendage, and no apparent previous injury or massive surgery scar, but a fuzzy bump with a slit in the middle, you are a female; if there is an appendage, you are a male

I hope this helps clear up any confusion about that specific issue. Obviously, if this contradicts anything you may “feel” about yourself, you may need to seek professional help from a trained specialist. Or ask God to reveal truth to you.

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I’m Back?

After moving last year from the home we had shared for over 30 years with children, foster kids, grandchildren and many friends, we put the tranny in neutral, and have been idling through the last few months as we adjust to our “empty nest”. There are obvious benefits to the reduced responsibility of our current situation, but I can’t help feeling like we’re not only missing out, but leaving much on the table, as it were, of ways we could be giving back, now that we have more “free time”. Free time, I must say, that is currently being wasted on mediocre entertainment for just the two of us, sitting in our recliners in front of the “boob tube”. That’s kind of an outdated reference, now that TVs are flat screens with light emitting diodes.

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It’s Time, Isn’t It?

“A church is a witness sent by God.  If in the process of calling themselves a church, they begin to damage the cause that they vowed to represent—if in their evolution they begin to be a witness for the other side—then they are indeed a hostile witness.”

-I completely agree.

“I treat them as a hostile witness because this particular brand of compromise enforces a hideous lie. It is the lie that the Gospel is inherently unacceptable to the culture and therefore must be diluted, re-branded and packaged in a form that the world already likes. This lie has allowed us to win meaningless skirmishes while losing a generation.”

-I completely agree.

For hundreds of years, the simple (!) gospel message proved not only a powerful and effective means of delivering lost souls from death to life, it also provided a perfect depiction (in God’s own words!) of boundless love that, if duplicated by those willing to receive this transformation, could not only renew individuals, but would no doubt lead to a renewal of all of society.

Has God lost His edge, that He would require someone to replace His time-tested Word and the Great Commission with church-planting strategies and colorful gospel interpretations?

Now, more than ever since the very founding of His church, Our Lord needs His people to be His hands and feet in the world, lovingly and compassionately presenting the whole truth of sin, forgiveness, and redemption found only in the Person of Jesus Christ. What a disservice we do, if we only invite them in for a few creature comforts, some lively and exciting entertainment, and a soothing message about how much Jesus loves them, but leave out the matter of the true cost of making the wrong decision.

Our Lord knows what lost souls need to hear. Thank God that He has inspired those writers of scripture, as well as the ministers of His Word willing to lay aside their egos, and receive His continual guidance and direction to present every aspect of the Good News, including the reality of the evil of sin in a lost world that has been overcome by Jesus Christ, thereby offering each and every soul a way to be reunited with Him forever in Heaven. No human trickery should replace the inspired Word of God in presenting this most important of all messages to those who have previously been tricked by the world into believing its lie.

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Blue Letter Bible – Daily Bible Reading Program

“And he believed in the LORD, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.”

In that awesome, wondrous moment, Abram’s world changed completely. At the moment he knew without a doubt, that the LORD would do exactly as He said He would, Abram became righteous before God.

When we take that first step off the edge of our knowing, into the chasm that has separated us from God, and believe and trust that He will lift us as He says He will, we suddenly enter a new existence, where all things are possible, if we only believe.

Take that step when he calls you.

Blue Letter Bible – Daily Bible Reading Program

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China’s Role in counterproliferation?

Well, I was certainly underwhelmed by President Obama’s “response” to the actions of North Korea against South Korea. Though, considering what he’s been doing to the economic and social status of the U.S. for the past two years, I suppose it’s right in line with his overall policies. With reports of between 1000 and 2000 centrifuges recently discovered near the Yongbyon nuclear facility (How did North Korea come by such sophisticated technology on this scale?) the question might be: Who has decided to escalate tensions in the region to a point where armed conflict could be looming? As I listened to reports of China and Russia moving away from the Dollar as their exchange currency, and thought about the position of China as not only a regional, but now a world superpower, as their naval and air forces continue to develop rapidly, it occured to me that an out-of-control North Korea would give China a perfect opportunity to give the world a solution to the problem by offering to absorb North Korea, incorrigible in its current state, and making its 24 million inhabitants and 10 provinces a strategic chess piece in their move toward…

China seems to be the only country truly in a position to take any meaningful action, given her rising world economic and political status, and notwithstanding reports that over sixty percent of her current population live below the poverty line. Still, absorbing North Korea would only add perhaps a couple of percentage points to that number, while giving China a border adjacent to one of our few true allies in the region, and a huge strategic advantage in all future negotiations with the U.S. Not that they currently need another.

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Hello world!

‘Sup? I just transferred my blog over from Windows Live Spaces. See you later.

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Growing Up (or just OLD)

I guess it’s always been a part of life, but I’m not enjoying the prospect. I’m just in the other room, listening to the caregiver trying to convince my dad to take his shower. Not gonna happen. He knows what’s best for him, and it’s sitting in his recliner, dozing. Mom will be home soon to chew this poor young, apparently preggers (complaing of morning sickness) caregiver out for not doing her job, which was to direct Dad to the shower and get him shaved. I wonder if I’ll be more cooperative when I’m 86 or so.
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